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Your safety and security is our priority

We recently installed a state of the art security system on one of our customers new built home, protecting your property like a pro with our reliable CCTV cameras. Get your FREE quote today. Call: 08000025342 hashtag#security hashtag#cctvinstallation hashtag#cctvmonitoring hashtag#cctvsystems hashtag#cctvcamera hashtag#camera hashtag#securityprofessionals hashtag#wales hashtag#securityindustry hashtag#securityawareness

Andrew Baines Interiors Charity Golf Day

Swinging for Good at the Andrew Baines Interiors Charity Golf Day, backing St David’s Hospice Care ! ⛳️🏌️‍♂️ From breakfast to competitive golf, raffle, and auction, we were part of a day filled with unity and impact. It was an honour to sponsor this charity golf match, and an incredible day was had for all!… Continue reading Andrew Baines Interiors Charity Golf Day

Ever seen such green security solutions?

Here’s an image taken from a clean and swift setup by the SECUREIT team 👏. Our client in South Wales chose three solar towers to protect his site. Unlike your usual security cameras, solar security cameras do not require running wires to connect them to power sources. They run on the summer sunshine ☀️ Get… Continue reading Ever seen such green security solutions?

New intruder alarm takeover at Elevens Bar & Grill in Cardiff

Another great job done by the SECUREIT team 👏 We completed a new intruder alarm takeover at Elevens Bar & Grill in Cardiff. We’ve got the perfect game plan ⚽️ to keep intruders at bay. With our top-notch intruder alarms, we’re scoring 🥅 big on security. No matter how big or small the job is, you can… Continue reading New intruder alarm takeover at Elevens Bar & Grill in Cardiff

Major development is simmering in the background

🔒🛹 Get ready, because a major development is simmering in the background at SECUREIT… 👀 We’re about to join forces with an incredible non-profit that’ll take your adrenaline-fueled experiences to a whole new level. Stay tuned for an announcement that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat! 😎

Keeping a watchful eye on progress!

Excited to share our latest milestone at SECUREIT – the successful installation of our cutting-edge Hybrid Ai CCTV Smart Tower at a housing project in Cardiff 🏘️ As these homes take shape, our advanced surveillance technology stands tall, ready to safeguard the site with unparalleled precision and efficiency. 🌟📸 With its state-of-the-art AI capabilities, this… Continue reading Keeping a watchful eye on progress!

MHM Group

We are proud to announce that MHM Group now boasts a comprehensive security system comprising 16 top-of-the-line Dahua Technology Co. LTD CCTV cameras strategically placed throughout their premises. Our team delivered this project with utmost precision, ensuring the installation met our renowned SECUREIT standards. 💪 At SECUREIT, we believe in delivering comprehensive security solutions, which is why we also… Continue reading MHM Group

Are you camera ready

Centregreat in Bristol decided to use our CCTV solutions at SECUREIT, where every movement is captured, and security takes the spotlight, leaving no room for unscripted incidents! With each camera strategically positioned, we ensure no security note will go unnoticed, creating a harmonious blend of surveillance and protection. Get in touch today to find out the… Continue reading Are you camera ready

Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat

After announcing our exciting new partnership last week, we’re also proud to be the main sponsor of Rougemont School‘s upcoming show ‘Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat’ 🌈 tomorrow.  We are immensely proud to extend our support to the production and contribute to our community’s vibrant arts and cultural scene 🎭 Best of luck to all the… Continue reading Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat

New Partnership Announcement!

We’re excited to unveil our collaboration with Rampworld Cardiff, a non-profit charity providing a progressive indoor Extreme sports training facility. 🛹 We have installed a new state-of-the-art CCTV system which contains: ✅ 44x AI cameras✅ Smart analytics to detect people and vehicles for CCTV operators to assess✅ The ability to watch live and recorded footage from… Continue reading New Partnership Announcement!