Access Control

From a simple standalone access system to a more complex multi-door multi-occupancy building with control requirements for doors, turnstiles, barriers, temperature screening and time & attendance reporting – we have the solution to suit your requirements and budget.

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  • Swing or Slide Gate Operators
  • In-ground Gate Operators
  • Self-powered automatic gates / barriers
  • Key Fob or Code entry
  • Biometric fingerprint of Facial entry
  • Fever / Temperature Detection
  • GSM Intercom Voice / Voice & Video
  • Wired or Wireless solutions
  • Self-powered solar options

What is access control and its purpose?

Access control is a data security process that enables organizations to manage who is authorized to access corporate data and resources. Secure access control uses policies that verify users are who they claim to be and ensures appropriate control access levels are granted to users.

access control
access control