Smart Wi-fi

SECUREIT offer a professional Smart Wi-Fi service and use the most advanced products and systems to suit your needs and budget.
If you are suffering and are frustrated with poor Wi-Fi, slow internet, and intermittent connectivity lets us help you with a free survey we will explain what your problems are and how to resolve them.
Smart Wi-fi
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Internet and WiFi coverage is essential in today's business environment.

The modern workplace has a variety of devices requiring strong, reliable and effective WiFi to connect to the internet. Our range of Smart WiFi products have been specifically designed to work seamlessly across all devices, including your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktops.

What are the Benefits of Smart WiFi?

When building offices or out-buildings WiFi distribution within the building is often overlooked and can struggle to be effective.

Areas of the business that are furthest away from your basic service provider’s router can struggle with connectivity. This is because the signals have to pass through walls, floor boards etc.

Our smart WiFi solutions can improve this by distributing WiFi across every corner of your property. This offers a safer, high speed, maximum coverage solution, keeping everyone working to the best capabilities possible.

We’re also capable of connecting multiple buildings together using external WiFi bridges, allowing transmission of internet, phone systems, security systems and intercom.

Indoor wifi

Our specialist WiFi access points can distribute powerful WiFi to every nook and cranny of your home, or commercial property, no matter the size.

These access points are connected to a hub using super fast CAT6 cable, and simply connect to your router.

Indoor wifi

outdoor wifi

Whether it’s linking the comms of multiple buildings, extending WiFi privileges to your patio, or simply providing customer WiFi on the terrace of your bar – we have the solution!

Our Smart WiFi solutions can deliver powerful, reliable connections indoor and outdoor.